ISGE 2020 virtual – Poster Presentation accepted

ISGE 2020 virtual – Poster Presentation accepted

This year with COVID-19 Pandemia everything is different. No travelling to Florence where the ISGE Conference (International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology Founded) should be opened. From March to December postponed, we all hoped that the Coronavirus was stopped. But we learned this Pandemia is serious and an longterm issue worlwide.

ISGE – Virtual Conference style

For me the virtual conference is a very good solution. Because of my fulltime job in addition to my research on PCOS there often is no time for travelling and meet colleagues or other experts. A bit sad is that there are no exhibitions visits. I like it very much to get inspired. And learn new aspects, methods etc. from others.

Since 2012

I am that happy to be invited to present my long term study results – you cannot imagine. Started in 2012 with consulting and research on 50+ women with menopausal weight reated issues I added PCOS Spectrum. My goal is to understand pathophysiology, metabolism and hormonal disorders to help affected women with the right therapy and rising awareness in society.

Why I am doing this?

Too often I was faced with arguments for a technical solution when PCOS diagnosed women wished to conceive.

When this wish comes up, the women normally had passed a long journey of pain, misunderstandings and minimizing of the problems, as e.g. weight, body shape, facial hair, hair loss, acen, depression.

More than an infertility issue

So, PCOS from my point of view is much more than an infertility issue. PCOS affects: hair, skin, metabolism, hormons, body, soul and social life.

Highest problems are: explosively weight gain, hirsutism, infertility. And this depends on the age of the women and young ladies. With 16 there is no wish to conceive, but in the mid twenties.

Study Background Information

My Patient I saw in the age of 17 and then three years later. Two different pictures. She changed from athletic to typical PCOS body shape, which means, heavy breasts, small thighs, big legs and back. Her skin was fatty, she was suffering of fatigue, depressions and eating disorders.

My suspicion: PCOS

This was confirmed later by her gynecologist. High androgenes by bloodwork, polycystic ovaries via ultrasound, irregular cycle – three points as related to the Rotterdam Criteria.

The doctor told her that she maybe would not conceive or with a lot of difficulties. But he didn´t explain the why and the how. He, recommended to lose weight. And with all this – she felt alone.

DEBEC-Method® an icebreaker for the Patient

We started working on her lifestyle with the DEBEC Concept. We need two years to reduce 20 kg weight and reached a BMI of 23. Further two years a cycle occured and after six years in total she conceived natural. This month she informed me about a second spontanous and natural pregnancy.

What have we done to be succesful?

  1. DEBEC-Method® which means an individual modular based concept related to Diagnostic, Eating, Balance, Excercise and Coaching
  2. Increase of awareness and acceptance
  3. Coach-Menting – Coaching to listen to the Patients needs and solutions. Mentoring to explain the How and the Why as well as activating the mind to use own power

My conclusion I present at ISGE 2020

Lifestyle change with weight control is key! Excercise is mandatory! DEBEC-Method® is a feasible concept for every woman. Need to do research on lifestyle factors is very high and also difficult because of compliance isssues.

Call for Action

I would like to collaborate to increase “lifestyle based research” and go for prevention instead of only treating. Feel free to contact me.

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